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  1. Kit Wingate

    Kit Wingate New Member

    I love the app. In fact, I upgraded from the s2 to use it for work - military. Which is why a widget would be so useful. As a developer I'm sure you know how much easier scrolling to a widget is over selecting an app. Even a simple widget to evoke the app would be useful because the app itself does load and refresh very quickly. That's probably easier than having a fully featured widget and would work just as well.

    Or maybe just a GPS mark that updates when the widget is selected.

  2. Ruttensoft

    Ruttensoft Administrator Staff Member


    Thanks for your request.
    The easiest solution is to add the "quick app start"-widget (where you can add 4 apps for quick start). Thats what I am using too here...

    Not sure what a widget would add additional value to be honest.

    The Ruttensoft-Team

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