waypoints and GPX

Discussion in 'Feature requests' started by David Ryan, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. David Ryan

    David Ryan New Member


    app is working fine in general (note bug entry added).

    Any chance of making waypoints and perhaps saving the track in GPX or similar format?

    Thanks, Dave.
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  2. Ruttensoft

    Ruttensoft Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Dave

    We'll put that on the 'todo'-list, but no promises.

    The Ruttensoft-Team
  3. Jens H.

    Jens H. New Member


    that whould be a very great feature.
    There is no "only save gps track" (in background) available, only including heavy "health"-features.

    Only save track in folder on my S3 - download could be via a file-transfer.

    I'm willing to pay a small additional fee for it.


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